Tuesday, November 07, 2006

New book on Asperger Syndrome gives in-depth look and definition

"My Asperger Soul" is an in-depth look at life with Aspergers Syndrome. Clinical, social, and personal assessment and overview is given throughout "My Asperger Soul" and every step of the way through the author’s life. Information ranges from the time of pre -school years until present day and through college.J. Darlynne Worsham was diagnosed in the sixties with Autism. Her parents were from a cultural background of ignorance, and the belief that corporal punishment and religion would cure any child of any disorder. "My Asperger Soul” will make you cry. "My Asperger Soul" will give you an inside view of the isolation, depression, and thinking of Aspergers Syndrome. Most of all it will give you an idea of the resilience.By the time you finish reading "My Asperger Soul" you will have a more accurate understanding of Aspergers Syndrome. The education system, mental health services, and work environments of America still do not understand or accept individuals with Aspergers Syndrome. This disorder is increasing in frequency. This disorder is not caused by defective or mercury laced vaccines. Aspergers is something new. Aspergers presents society with a new type of people with a new way of thinking. ABOUT AUTHORJ. Darlynne Worsham has a Bachelors of Science and Masters in Counseling Psychology. She has lived in many different countries and has experience in the field of mental health and teaching. ABOUT LULUFounded in 2002 "Lulu (www.lulu.com), the world's fastest-growing provider of print-on-demand books."
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